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    Principles and Practice of Social Marketing

New Second Edition
An International Perspective

Rob Donovan and Nadine Henley

In this book, the authors introduce and elucidate the principles of social marketing, and illustrate these principles with examples of practical application.

Principles and Practice of Social Marketing: Second Edition: An International Perspective, by Rob Donovan and Nadine Henley, is a revised version of the authors' Social Marketing: Principles and Practice, published by IP Communications in 2003.

For Rob Donovan and Nadine Henley, social marketing is not just the application of commercial marketing techniques to achieve socially desirable goals. It is also the application of marketing concepts, and other social change techniques, to achieve both individual behaviour changes and societal structural changes that are consistent with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In this fully updated second edition


The international case studies and applications show how social marketing campaigns are being used across the world to influence changes in behaviour, and reveal how those campaigns may differ according to their cultural context and subject matter.


Every chapter is fully illustrated with examples from the developed and developing world, including from campaigns that deal with health promotion, environmental issues, crime prevention and racism.


The authors show how social marketing can influence governments, corporations, and NGOs, as well as individual behaviour.

The book is a blend of the authors' hands-on experience in researching, developing and implementing social marketing campaigns, their teaching experience, and their understanding of marketing concepts and commercial marketing.

The book will be valuable to students taking a course in social marketing or health promotion, to academics and researchers, as well as to social marketing practitioners, public sector and NGO professionals and their advisors, who seek to implement individual behaviour and societal structural changes.

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Published, December, 2010. 246 x 189mm. 524 pages.
Includes references and index.
Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9808649-0-8. $A75.00 rrp.

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