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  download client worksheets and information sheets

To download a PDF file of a client worksheet or client information sheet from the book, simply click on the required title:

CWSH 1: Client work sheet: Goal setting

CWSH 2: Client handout: Problem solving

CWSH 3: Client work sheet: Problem-solving practice

CWSH 4: Client work sheet: High-risk situations

CWSH 5: Client handout: Describing feelings

CWSH 6: Client handout: Tips for increasing emotional stability

CWSH 7: Client handout: Breathing

CWSH 8: Client handout: Grounding

CWSH 9: Client handout: Self-soothing

CWSH 10: Client handout: Common thinking errors

CWSH 11: Client work sheet: Challenging thoughts

CWSH 12: Client handout: Bill of rights

CWSH 13: Client handout: Assertion






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