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  mental health
    Addiction Counselling
Content and Process
Ali Marsh, Ali Dale, and Stephanie O'Toole
Published, March, 2013, $A85.00. Now out-of-print.
    Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Peter Blake
Published, October, 2008, $65.00
    Contemporary Approaches to Infant and Child Mental Health
Edited by Louise Newman and Sarah Mares
Published, November, 2012, $A59.95
    Drug Use and Mental Health
Effective Responses to Co-Occurring Drug and
Mental Health Problems
Steve Allsop
Published, August, 2008, $70.00
    Interventions for Body Image and Eating Disorders
Evidence and Practice
Edited by Susan J Paxton and Phillipa J Hay
Published, May, 2009, $75.00
    Mental Health of Children and Adolescents with
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
A Framework for Professional Practice
Edited by David Dossetor, Donna White and Lesley Whatson
Published, August, 2011, $A80.00. Now out-of-print.
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
A Practical Guide to Treatment
Clare S. Rees
Published, February, 2009, $44.95
    Perspectives on Ampthetamine-Type Stimulants
Edited by Steve Allsop and Nicole Lee
Published, October 2012, $A90.00
    Postnatal Depression
A Practical Guide for Australian Families
Lisa Fettling
Published, September, 2002, $21.95
    A Practical Guide to Family Therapy
Edited by Paul Rhodes and Andrew Wallis
Published, October, 2011, $A59.95. Now out-of-print.
    Women's Experience of Postnatal Depression
Kitchen Table Conversations
Lisa Fettling and Belinda Tune
Published, March, 2005, $29.95
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