drugs and addiction
    Addiction Counselling
Content and Process
Ali Marsh, Ali Dale, and Stephanie O'Toole
Published, March, 2013, $A85.00. Now out-of-print.
    Addiction Medicine
Principles and Practice
Edited by Paul Haber, Carolyn Day, and Michael Farrell
Published, November, 2015, $A85.00
    Drug Education in Schools
Searching for the Silver Bullet
Edited by Richard Midford and Geoffrey Munro
Published, May, 2006, $49.95
    Drugs and Work
Responding to Alcohol and Other Drug Problems in
Australian Workplaces
Edited by Steve Allsop, Mike Phillips and Carlo Calogero
Published, October, 2001, $44.95
    Drugs and Your Teenager
A Practical Guide for Australian Parents
Martin Palin and Shelley Beatty
Published, December, 2000, $21.95
    Drug Use and Drug-related Harm
A Delicate Balance
David Ryder, Noni Walker, and Alison Salmon
Published, February, 2006, $55.00
    Drug Use and Mental Health
Effective Responses to Co-Occurring Drug and Mental Health Problems
Edited by Steve Allsop
Published, August, 2008, $70.00
    Hepatitis C
An Expanding Perspective
Edited by Gregory Dore, Meredith Temple-Smith and Andrew Lloyd
Published, September, 2009, $A85.00
    Reducing Drug-related Harm
What the Evidence Tells Us
Shelley Beatty and Steve Allsop
Published, March, 2009, $49.95
    Perspectives on Ampthetamine-Type Stimulants
Edited by Steve Allsop and Nicole Lee
Published, October 2012, $A90.00
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