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  infectious diseases
    Communicable Disease Control
An Introduction
Aileen Plant and Charles Watson
published, February, 2008, $49.95
    Helping People with Sexual Problems
Jane Howard
Published, March, 2010, $70.00
    Hepatitis C
An Expanding Perspective
Edited by Gregory Dore, Meredith Temple-Smith and Andrew Lloyd
Published, September, 2009, $A85.00
    Infectious Diseases
A Clinical Approach
New Third Edition
Edited by Allen Yung, Denis Spelman, Alan Street, Paul Johnson, Tania Sorrell and
Joseph McCormack
Published, December, 2010, $A130.00
    Manual of Travel Medicine
New Third Edition
Allen Yung, Karin Leder, Joseph Torresi, Tilman Ruff, Daniel O'Brien, Mike Starr, and Jim Black
Published, December, 2011, $A85.00
    Sexual Health Medicine
New Second Edition
Edited by Darren Russell, David Bradford, and Christopher Fairley
Published, February, 2011, $A95.00
    Talking with Clients about Sex
David Bradford and Darren Russell
Published, May, 2006, $44.95
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