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'Addiction Counselling is a blend of textbook and clinical guideline, written by two clinicians who are already known in Australia for their work in translating counselling research into practice. . . This is an excellent text, clearly written by clinicians with clinicians in mind. The information is well presented and distilled for the clinical audience with the right mix of evidence and practice (i.e. focus on practice). I would recommend this book especially for those starting out in the field, but also for experienced clinicians who want to brush up on the more technical aspects of intervention.'

From review published in Drug and Alcohol Review (January 2007), 26, 103-104, by Nicole Lee, Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre, Fitzroy, Australia.

‘This book is an update of a much-loved text in the Australian alcohol and other drugs field. The original is one of the best Australian written textbooks on addictions. The update has broadened the scope substantially. . . it remains one of the best texts available to Australians in the alcohol and other drug sector.’

From review published in Drug and Alcohol Review (January 2014, p.107) by Nicole Lee, National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction, Flinders University, and LeeJenn Health Consultants, Melbourne.




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