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To download a PDF file of a summary for a counsellor or an information sheet or work sheet for a client, simply click on the required Tip Sheet.

Tip Sheet 2.3:      Mental state assessment

Tip Sheet 3.1:      Suicide risk assessment

Tip Sheet 3.2:      Suicide risk documentation

Tip Sheet 3.3:      Crisis response plan – for clients

Tip Sheet 3.4:      Level of suicide risk

Tip Sheet 7.4:      Problem solving for clients

Tip Sheet 7.5:      Client Worksheet: Problem-solving practice

Tip Sheet 7.7:      Client Worksheet: My reasons for change

Tip Sheet 7.8:      Client Worksheet: Weekly record of the benefits of my
                              commitment to change

Tip Sheet 7.9:      Client Worksheet: Managing my high-risk situations

Tip Sheet 7.10:   Client Worksheet: My alternative activities

Tip Sheet 8.3:      Grounding

Tip Sheet 8.4:      Breathing

Tip Sheet 8.5:      Client Worksheet: Controlled breathing

Tip Sheet 8.6:      Self-soothing

Tip Sheet 8.7:      Client Worksheet: Self-soothing activities

Tip Sheet 9.2:      Client Worksheet: Understanding emotions

Tip Sheet 12.4:   Common thinking errors: Handout for clients

Tip Sheet 14.4:   Client Worksheet: Tips for a good night’s sleep

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Copyright © IP Communications Pty Ltd 2013