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This book is probably one of the most comprehensive health promotion books produced to date. It covers all the most current concepts, with many of the chapters written by leading experts in the field. All examples, case studies and references are from contemporary work. The book is a must for any tertiary-level students studying health promotion or public health and would be an excellent reference text for medical and nursing students. Experienced health promotion practitioners will find this a very useful book for revision of familiar concepts and a great source of ideas and direction for those that are new or unfamiliar.'

Health Promotion Journal of Australia

'Hands-on Health Promotion tells us all the things we think we know (or maybe should know) about communicating in the health services sector. As the title implies, this is a very practical, hands-on text, chock full of authoritative information and highly relevant illustrations. I found the sections on leadership, the principles of successful communications strategies, and community capacity building particularly helpful and illuminating.'

Stephen Wedlick, Principal Consultant, Fenton Communications, Melbourne.

'Hands-on Health Promotion has become the essential guide for our health promotion work. It has been an invaluable resource for strategic planning, providing an excellent re-cap of the founding principles; summary of key evidence; and practical guidance on what works for specific target audiences and priority issues. It will continue to be an important resource as we continue to refine our strategies. My copy is dog-eared already!

Rosie Rowe, Executive Officer, Southern Grampians and Glenelg Primary Care Partnership.

'For the price of an early bird seminar registration, Hands-on Health Promotion provides a university course worth of cutting edge, pragmatic information that you can almost squeeze into your back pocket. In an age where many health promoters have been bludgeoned into cynicism or exhaustion by hollow rhetoric, here shines a rare book that smoothly connects the multiple facets of successful grass-roots health promotion and actually practices a rich and balanced lifestyle. The well-researched, down-to-earth messages that drip from its pages are wrapped within their political, social and cultural contexts without suffocating the reader with either false promise or overwhelm. It's designed not only to improve the health of local communities, but also to breathe life, energy and enthusiasm back into the health promoter.'

Peter Streker, Community and Health Development Co-ordinator, City of Port Phillip.

'In medicine today, there is a need to not only focus on the treatment of disease, but also to attempt to prevent or delay its onset and its associated side effects. As a result, increasing interest in health promotion has been shown by a range of professional groups. Hands-on Health Promotion is a significant and positive contribution in the field. The work represents a welcome addition to the health promotion literature. It will be of considerable benefit for those beginning work in the field.'

Professor Robert W Sanson-Fisher, Professor of Health

Behaviour, University of Newcastle, published in eMJA.

'Hands-on Health Promotion' is an interesting and unusual text in health promotion. Its focus is clearly on everyday practice, rather than theoretical or academic considerations and, in bringing together over 50 authors, it has succeeded in exploring areas of practice that have not traditionally appeared in health promotion texts. . . The diverse range of authors, both Australian and international, their considerable expertise and the book's focus on practice, will ensure that it finds a place on many desks and be used on a regular basis'.

Bernie Marshall, Deakin University, published in Health Promotion International, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2005.




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