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    Sexual Health Medicine
New Second Edition
Edited by Darren Russell, David Bradford, and Christopher Fairley

Since first publication in 2005, Sexual Health Medicine has come to be regarded by Australian practitioners and students as their preferred textbook in this discipline.

This second edition sees the inclusion of a number of new chapters, on changing sexual behaviours in Australasia, adolescent sexual health, and induced abortion. The HIV chapter has been split into two, one chapter dealing with natural history and treatment, the other dealing with the healthcare needs of HIV-positive individuals. The chapter on sex workers now includes a personal perspective on sex work. All original chapters have been thoroughly reviewed and updated.

Authoritative coverage is offered of the biological, clinical, laboratory, psychosocial, and public-health aspects of sexual health medicine. A feature of the book is its holistic approach, with the client seen as a whole person, rather than simply the owner of a set of malfunctioning genitalia. An underlying message is that the practice of sexual health medicine must be evidence-based, scientific, and clinically sound, but also characterised by acceptance, tolerance, good humour and empathy.

The book does not provide a comprehensive review of all topics in sexual health; rather, it is intended for busy health professionals, who require an appreciation of the breadth of the speciality and a guide for their dealings with clients, and undergraduate- and graduate-level students, who require a textbook.

Medical students, nurses, junior hospital doctors, general practitioners, trainee sexual health physicians, and specialists in allied fields, will continue to find the book of value.

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Published, February, 2011. 245 x 170mm. 576 pages.
Includes references, index, and 46 full-colour illustrations.
Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9808649-1-5. $A95.00 rrp.

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