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    Reducing Drug-related Harm
What the Evidence Tells Us
Shelley Beatty and Steve Allsop

Drug-related problems cause significant concern in many of the world's communities. Despite universal recognition of the enormous human, economic and social harms that are associated with drug use, there is much debate and contention about the best ways to address these issues. In this book, Shelley Beatty and Steve Allsop will explore how contemporary theories and research can guide us to effective responses to alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related harm. In short, Beatty and Allsop will consider, how does the evidence guide us to the most effective policy responses to drug-related problems.

Beatty and Allsop will begin by considering the relative importance of prevention and treatment (Chapter 1) and identify what they consider to be a useful prevention framework within which various social action strategies can be explored (Chapter 2). They will initially focus on the high prevalence of alcohol and tobacco use and related problems (Chapter 3), and then explore the effectiveness of diverse harm minimisation strategies (e.g. policy development, taxation, environmental controls, community development, education and enforcement) that are implemented in a range of settings (e.g. licensed premises, schools, workplaces, prisons, and families) (Chapters 4-10). Case studies will be used to illustrate the ways in which illegal drugs are controlled at international and national levels (Chapters 11-14). Some focus will be given to the specific issues that arise for developing nations (Chapter 15). Beatty and Allsop will conclude their consideration of the evidence with an examination of the history and progress regarding the global control of tobacco and identify the lessons it provides for the control of other drugs (Chapter 16).

The book will be aimed primarily at undergraduate and postgraduate health and social science students. It will also be useful for others who are interested in understanding the evidence about the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related problems.

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