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    A Practical Guide to Family Therapy
Edited by Paul Rhodes and Andrew Wallis

Clinicians who work with families will find in this book a rigorous and creative approach to interviewing and intervention.

While pointing to the essential creativity of the therapeutic enterprise, the book presents a structured approach to working with families. Each chapter focuses on one part of the family-therapy process, from first session to last. Core practices - engagement, the questioning process, the use of the self in therapy, establishing parental hierarchy, establishing safety while building the therapeutic relationship, dealing with breached relationships, couple sessions, family-of-origin sessions, and working with adolescents, smaller children, and the wider system – are emphasised. Therapeutic interactions and case studies are a feature.

Paul Rhodes and Andrew Wallis have brought together a group of authors who share their commitment to innovative and contextual practice, grounded in systemic family therapy, but drawing on a variety of other models, including structural family therapy, brief solution-focused therapy, and narrative therapy.

Experienced clinicians - from social work, counselling, psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and other disciplines – who do not see themselves as family therapists, but who work with families and wish to develop their interviewing and intervention skills, will find the book helpful. Beginning therapists, facing a challenging learning process, will benefit from the structured approach.

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Published, October, 2011. 245 x 170mm. 288 pages. Now out-of-print.
Includes references and index.
Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9808649-3-9. $A59.95 rrp.

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