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    Grief and Remembering
25 Australians Tell It Like It Is
Edited by Allan Kellehear

Do you ever wonder why you don't seem to be 'getting over' your grief?

Do you ever get annoyed by people's pop psychoanalysis of your loss?

Do you ever catch yourself wondering 'I never thought loss would be like this'?

In this powerful and moving book, 25 everyday Australians reflect upon these questions and more, as they describe their own unique experiences of grief. They mourn for their spouses, friends, parents, children, or siblings. Some mourn for members of a community which has become part of their identity; others remember the patients they have treated, or the animal companions which were part of their heart and home. Contributors to this book are from diverse social backgrounds – they are men, women and children of different occupations, ethnicity, sexuality and age groups.

For the first time, we hear the voices of people who are at the very centre of the experience of grief – no professional theorising, no 'stages' or 'models' of grief, and no judgments. This is a welcome and long overdue book for those of us who want to understand our own experience, and the experience of others, at home, work or school, who have lost someone they love.

Allan Kellehear: 'Most grief, however complex and difficult to live with, is normal. We don't need 'therapy' or 'pills'. We just need to understand it - and find some meaning and sense in it. Sometimes we need some extra support. But most of the time we battle on with the battle inside our hearts. Grief is like that. Much of life is like that. And finally, we have a book that tells it like that.'

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Published, May 2001.
215x136mm. 168 pages.
ISBN 0-9578617-0-2. $21.95

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