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    Drugs and Your Teenager
A practical guide for Australian parents
Martin Palin and Shelley Beatty

A 'survival kit', full of helpful hints and advice, Drugs and Your Teenager shows parents how they may best deal with teenage drug use.

Martin Palin and Shelley Beatty:

  Look at why teenagers use drugs;
  Encourage parents to stop and think before saying or doing anything;
  List the things parents should avoid when they talk with their teenagers about drugs;
  Offer parents practical tips on when and how to talk about drugs with their teenagers;
  Offer tips on counselling; and
  Suggest how the parents of an adolescent who persists in using drugs can reduce the likelihood of harm.
This book is written for parents who:
  want to know about teenage drug use before their children become curious teenagers;
  suspect drug use by their children; or
  know their teenagers are using drugs, and are wondering what
to do.

Parents themselves, Martin Palin and Shelley Beatty have advised parents for many years about teenage drug use:

'Drug use by teenagers is a real possibility. Our message is simple: be informed and be prepared. You need to know why a teenager may become interested in drugs and remind yourself you are an important influence in your teenager's life. With the information and tips we present, you will learn what to do (and what not to do) to play an effective and positive role in your teenager's upbringing.'

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Published, December 2000. 229x153mm. 128 pages.
Includes 15 illustrations by Nik Scott, bibliography and index.
Paperback. ISBN 0-646-39573-4. $21.95

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