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    Communicable Disease Control
An Introduction
Aileen Plant and Charles Watson

In Australia in the 1950s and 1960s, as in much of the developed world, there was a growing confidence that infectious diseases had largely been conquered. The events of the past 20-40 years have revealed this victory to be illusory. The advent of new infectious disease threats, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and avian influenza, the re-emergence of tuberculosis and malaria worldwide, and the increasing threat posed by antibiotic-resistant organisms, are signs that communicable disease control will be vital if human populations are to continue to flourish.

In this book, Aileen Plant and Charles Watson elucidate the principles and practice of communicable disease control, to provide health professionals who seek to control communicable diseases with the breadth of knowledge and the range of skills they need.

Existing and emerging infectious disease threats from various sources are described, including threats from health-care settings and international travel, as are the groups of people who are most at-risk of infection. The core of the book is devoted to the strategies that can be used to control communicable disease:

• legislation
• surveillance
• sanitation and personal hygiene
• immunisation
• case-finding, screening, and contact-tracing
• isolation and quarantine
• antibiotic treatment
• outbreak investigation, and
• media management during an outbreak.

Plant and Watson describe when and how best each strategy can be employed. Featured throughout the book are Australian statistics, legislation, policies, and case studies.

All health professionals, whether from public health, medicine, nursing, or environmental health, who need a practical guide to how to protect people from infectious disease, will find the book of value, as will those who are studying to work in the field. Those involved in the management of outbreaks and hospital infection control will find it of particular interest.

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Published, February, 2008. 229 x 153mm. 240 pages.
Includes references and index.
Paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9804586-0-2. $A49.95 rrp.

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