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'This book provides compelling examples of effective rehabilitation and learning following brain injury by a most skilled, experienced and committed practitioner. An outstanding achievement.'

Andrew Rothwell, M.Psych, Principal Clinical Neuropsychologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital

'Interrupted Lives integrates the personal, neuropsychological, educational, and social factors contributing to rehabilitation and learning by people with brain injury. A tapestry of skilled guidance, realistic goals, and effective multi-disciplinary management tempered by scholarly research. Rees writes with a deft economy which makes every page focused and rewarding, for practitioners, students and families.'

Professor Trevor Parmenter, PhD., Disability Studies, School of Medicine, University of Sydney

'Rees writes with revealing insight about the benefits of structured rehabilitation in home, school and community. Detailed case examples awaken our understanding of the effects of brain injury and of remarkable achievements post-trauma. Much needed and richly rewarding.'

Christine Durham, educator, author of Doing Up Buttons, a book about her own recovery from brain injury

'Interrupted Lives resonates with understanding about the factors which shape and nurture rehabilitation from disabling brain injury, providing the reader with details which are challenging, informative and comprehensive, but above all practical and rewarding. Rees' book will rank among the finest of its kind.'

E.A. Freeman, MB, BS, FRCS, AM., Medical Consultant to the National Brain Injury Foundation.





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