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Chapter 1 The therapeutic relationship and use of self
Carmel Flaskas

Chapter 2 Structured guidelines for the first session of post-Milan systemic family therapy
Andrew Wallis and Paul Rhodes

Chapter 3 Deviation amplifying: the second session
Paul Rhodes and Andrew Wallis

Chapter 4 Establishing parent hierarchy: an integration of Milan systemic and structural family therapy
Kerrie James and Laurie MacKinnon

Chapter 5 Establishing safety while building the therapeutic relationship: responding to abuse in family therapy
Robyn Elliott and Anne Welfare

Chapter 6 Beyond the immediate family: exploring the wider spheres of influence
Carol Boland

Chapter 7 Including children in family therapy
Catherine Sanders

Chapter 8 Improving relationship security for distressed adolescents
Suzanne Levy, Torrey A Creed and Guy Diamond

Chapter 9 Family therapy with adolescents: key ideas and their application
David Allan and Lyndall Power

Chapter 10 The why and how of separate parent sessions in family therapy
Kerrie James and Laurie MacKinnon

Chapter 11 Family of origin session: why, when and how
Hugh Crago

Chapter 12 The final session
Roxanne Garven and Paul Rhodes






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