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    Lisa Fettling is a counsellor in private practice, principal of Lisa Fettling Counselling and Education, which is located in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Lisa's practice focuses on adjustment to parenting, postnatal depression (PND), relationships, and grief and loss.

For Lisa's contact details, practice locations, and detailed material about postnatal depression (signs and symptoms, where to get help, etc.), all taken from this book, see Lisa's own website,

Lisa has written a second book on postnatal depression, Postnatal Depression: A Practical Guide for Australian Families, which is also published by IP Communications.

Prior to establishing Lisa Fettling Counselling and Education, Lisa worked with PaNDa, a Victorian-based PND information and support service, for 15 years. Lisa led support groups for women with PND and their partners, provided 'phone support, initiated and implemented training courses for volunteer support workers, and gave presentations on PND to new mothers' groups, medical practitioners, and nurses. Lisa scripted and produced, One in Ten: A Look at Postnatal Depression, a 31-minute video for use in antenatal classes (PaNDa, 1996). Lisa has been an Australasian committee member of The Marcĕ Society, an international scientific organisation which is devoted to the study of postnatal mood disorders. Lisa had postnatal depression after the birth of the first of her four children in 1985.

Belinda Tune is a Melbourne-based psychologist with seventeen years' experience working with women and families. Her interest in PND developed from her experience of depression following the birth of her first child in 1991. Belinda has worked with families affected by postnatal depression in a number of capacities. For PaNDa, Belinda provided 'phone support, led support groups, and spoke at community forums; for some time she co-ordinated support services; she also served on PaNDa's committee of management. For the past few years, Belinda has worked in private practice, providing short-term counselling and longer-term psychotherapy for individuals and couples.




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